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Recover SEO traffic after a website redesign

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Deciding to redesign your website is not easy. Often redesigning the website means sinking the search engine rankings and organic traffic. This relocates your site, and you lose the previous traffic coming to your site which results in loss of sales. For small businesses, it is not a good thing to lose the sales and traffic putting their companies at risk. So, here are the ways by which an SEO expert in Bangalore can recover the traffic and ranking after a website revamp.

1. Change the broken links

After a website redesign, there are changes that some URL gets deleted or changed. This creates a huge issue because some of those deleted links are still available on the Google search engine results. When people open those links, it will give 404 error. This is not good for SEO as it affects the search engine rankings. To avoid this error, change the old links to their new pages. You can create an XML sitemap of your website and let Google console crawl it. You can also use 301 permanent redirects that will redirect the old web pages to your new pages on your site.

2. Build backlinks

While redesigning your website, you might have changed the URL of the web pages too. Backlinks in SEO is essential to get organic traffic from the other reputed site. With link building technique, you can build domain authority of your website. When you revamp your website with changed URL, you need to update the old URL pointing to the old pages. Change all the links that redirect to the old pages to regain the organic traffic coming to your website.

3. Old content

While redesigning your website , keep in mind that you are not changing your content. Many people were coming to your site because of the old content on it, might even have bookmarked it. You can modify the old content, but make sure to add your old content. If you forget to add the old content, then people coming to your website might not come again. This will leads to a loss in regular traffic and rankings.

4. Perform SEO audit

A technical SEO audit is essential for a website to find all the technical issues of a site that was a hindrance to the search engine ranking. An audit finds problems on a website like

• Missing and broken links

• Proper use of H1 and H2 tags

• Meta description

• Crawling and indexation of the website

• XML site map of the website

• Web page load speed

• Canonical tags

With a technical audit of your website, you can easily find the error and fix them. It helps visitors to have a good user experience of a site. To ensure the proper functioning of a website, perform an SEO audit before its launch.


You should remove all the errors while redesigning your website. SEO expert in Bangalore helps your site to regain your website rankings and organic traffic.

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