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Ways To Use Google Trends To Bolster Your SEO

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Google Trend is another powerful tool used by SEO expert Indiato provide you with current trends for content helps in improving ranking and boost your traffic. With this free tool, you can see how often a keyword is entered in the search box of Google over a period of time.

Google trends calculate how many searches have been done for particular keywords, divided by all the search volume on the scale of 100 in the same period. It is the most versatile tool used in SEO by the marketer which analyses up to 5 search queries and show results for them. Here are the ways you can use Google Trends to bolster your SEO -

Creation of seasonal content

Seasonal content is something that never fades away and is the most reliable topic you can cover. It provides you with large banks of articles you can write up for your blog each year. You can take advantage of this seasonal trend and create content and optimise them according to the search terms that are being mostly searched.

With the help of Google Trends, you can drill down the search; for instance, you can choose a specific geographical location or a particular category. This will help your SEO to target a specific region or area.

Trends prediction

You can log into your Google Trend and identify those trends which are on a hike. There is one problem with this; every other marketer is using the same data to predict the trend. In order to get around it, you can use data available to predict trends.

Use of long term search keywords

Ranking for the short keywords is quite tricky, but there is no reason that you cannot rank for a long search term. It's not easy to rank for the words SEO services, but with a long variation of the word, you can easily get on the SERPs.

Use cyclic trends

Suppose you are optimized for SEO services, but your searches will reveal that SEO doesn’t compete with web design services. So with some with trends, you can determine some additional keywords to optimise your blog posts.

Pinpoint the cause of the drop in organic search

Most of the time when the traffic of the blog post drops, it is the fault of the content. It could be your keywords which might have lost popularity amongst the audience. Google Trend can help you to find out the cause of the drop of the organic traffic.

Gauge for the demand of products and services

You can target a specific region in which your products and services are appealing; you will be able to spend your resources more efficiently. For example, if you are selling jackets, then you can pinpoint the cities which you can likely sell your products where there are winters.

Final Thought

Over the years Google Trends has changed, but the main idea behind it remains the same – there is a unique insight that you need to see that goes beyond basic search. To make your online presence more prominent you can hire

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